To carriers

The company "Gardarica" is a largest Russian logistics operator having the perspective of control of most of the Russian market of transport and logistic services. 

Our company is interested in long-term cooperation with subcontractors and offers extremely transparent and favourable conditions of work to the carriers:
  • Flexible tariff policy

    The flexible tariff regulation model is realized with regard for seasonality and extent of workload.

    Cooperate with us, and you will be confident in the future.

  • Specific terms of payment

    The material and social well-being of the company's partners is a key factor of mutually beneficial cooperation and the quality of provided services. 

    The precisely defined dates of labour remuneration are strictly observed in all branches of our company.

  • Common standards and requirements for documents submitted for making orders

    To conclude an agreement, an utterly transparent and clear scheme of document presentation is used. The standards and requirements to the documents do not depend on the location of the regional office. 

    We are waiting for you at 28 offices in Russia!

  • Orders at any place of Russia

    We care not only of our customers, but also of our partners: You will not have to queue idle for a new order after delivery of goods to the place of destination. 

    We minimize the waiting time and provide for continuous transportation chain.