The company's mission

"Gardarica" is a transportation and forwarding company that provides a comprehensive logistic servicea full range of transportation services + responsible warehousing storage + customs services.

In developing the logistics strategy, we adhere to the customer-oriented approach, by carefully studying the requirements of the customer ("owner" of supply chain) in the context of its strategic objectives, performance standards (KPI system) and key strategic activities.

The competently designed logistic strategy enables us to develop competitive advantages for our customers through the use of new transport vehicles and modern IT-technologies in organization of supply chain management and reliable business contacts in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Thus, company mission – is organization of highly-effective logistic business-process chains and improvement of communication between their participants at the Russian and international level.

The company's development strategy

We are one of the largest logistics operators in Russia and we try to win and retain leading positions in the Russian market of transport and logistic services, having the following competitive benefits:

  • 15 advanced logistic services

    We offer over 15 advanced logistic services to Russian and international companies having own vector of development and understanding the priority of integrated cooperation.

  • comprehensive service

    We provide a comprehensive service to the customers, using our own assets (modern fleet of vehicles, skilled staff and experience of leading logistics operator) and the possibility of attracting sub-contractors (warehouse operators, customs brokers, freight forwarders). 

    The flexible scheduling of the logistic chain enables us to offer the optimal option, in terms of price and reliability, for delivery of any goods irrespective of the volume, dimensions and transportation conditions.

  • competent personal

    We are continually improving the quality of provided services through due qualifications and raising the level of competence of our personnel in the field of supply chain management. 

    The company has implemented a KPI system; the efficient communications let us increase the speed and optimality of logistics and industry-specific solutions; we use advanced information technologies and achievements in the work process, making the customer service process clear and transparent.